Fundraising Campaign for the Homeless Veterans

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  • To assist homeless and disabled veterans with housing solutions
  • Advocate on behalf of the needs of each veterans. Provide a solution based upon their circumstances.
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  • Make a difference through compassion and love. To serve our veterans as they have served us.
  • Advocate on behalf of the needs of each veterans. Provide a solution based upon their circumstances
  • Break the barriers of
    homelessness among veterans provide permanent housing
  • Partner with other veteran services to assist with health, wellness, education, training, counselling, therapy, and support groups.
  • Providing resources our clients need to become self sufficient.

Florida Veterans Housing Associates Inc. is non-profit
organization serving Broward County’s veterans residents. We
aim to alleviate the sufferings of war veterans in different parts
of the United States by offering innovative solutions to the
several challenges faced by this unique set of people. We
provide a comfortable living house for all the veterans in
Broward county.
Our organization is exempt from federal income tax, under
internal revenue code (IRC) section 501(c)(3). [Identification No.

Campaign aims

The campaign aims to provide decent housing for disabled and homeless veterans across the nation along with continuumof care

Funding Purpose

Every single dollar fund d toward t h e project will bring thousands of homeless veterans one step closer to having a safe place to rest and live a normal life as opposed to sleeping on a p a r k bench and eating scrap foods.

Bring Change

We are aiming to change this rather unfortunate situation with Florida Veterans Housing Associates Inc. and the launch of the fundraising campaign.

Support Us To Achieve These Goals

Our Goals


Educate the community and everyone that play a key role in health and wellbeing of our veterans. a


Partner with other organizations that can assist us with resources to provide permanent housing solutions

Plan of action

Implement a plan of action to help improve the quality of life on behalf of our veterans that hasfaced homelessness, disability, mental health crisis


Two health fairs per year to ensure anyone that is experiencing homelessness can have health and wellness check.Raise awareness for everyone experiencing homeless.

Our Services

Emergency Alert Response

Emergency Alert Response is a 24-hour-a-day monitoring system. Frail elders, living alone, can press a portable help button that is electronically connected to a local Central Response Centre in order to receive emergency assistance. Response Centre personnel then call a local contact or emergency services to check up on the client.

Community Care for the Elderly

Florida’s Legislature, demonstrating its commitment to meet the special needs of its aging citizenry, has allocated supportive funding through the Community Care for the Elderly Act (CCE). This legislation helps enable the frail elderly to remain in their accustomed environments, thereby delaying or avoiding institutionalization.

The Aging and Disability Resource Center has designated Broward County Elderly & Veterans Services as Lead Agency for CCE services in Broward County

Home Care for the Elderly

The purpose of the Home Care for the Elderly Program is to encourage caregivers to continue to care for frail elders and veterans in a family type living arrangement as an alternative to a nursing home or assisted living care facility. The Home Care for the Elderly Program provides case management, basic financial assistance, and subsidies for specialized services, if approved, to caregivers.

Chore Services

Involve the performance of house or yard tasks, including such jobs as seasonal cleaning, yard work, lifting and moving furniture, and household repairs

Homemaker Services

Include light housekeeping, limited meal preparation, laundry, and shopping assistance for functionally impaired elders

Personal Care

Personal Care offers limited assistance to home-bound elders in need of help with various health-related tasks of daily living

Respite Care

Respite Care provides help for the primary caregiver of home bound elderly who require constant supervision. Staff remains with the client to allow the caregiver time to attend to matters outside of the home.

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