A Message from Prescott Mayor Mengarelli – June 7th

A Message from Prescott Mayor Mengarelli – June 7th

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Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli discussed several topics in his updates on Facebook providing important information for the residents of Prescott, Arizona.

Here is the update for June 7, 2021

Here are some of the things I’ll be mentioning today:

  • Memorial Day & D-Day
  • Proposed Development Agreement with AED
  • Budget
  • Trendscapes
  • Prescott Police Department Accreditation
  • YRMC & Spectrum Healthcare Checks
  • Leighnor Aircraft Ribbon Cutting
  • Bagdad Support
  • Non-profit: United Way

Memorial Day & D-Day

On Memorial Day, many of us gathered at the Citizens Cemetery for an Observance to remember our past, and respect our present. Yesterday, our country remembered the 77th anniversary of D-Day, when 160,000 Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy, during WWII.

Prescott and Yavapai County are the most patriotic in the country. I believe that it is important we recount the loss, remember the sacrifice and revive the memory of our fallen and those that have gone before us. On the Courthouse plaza, there is an All-Veteran’s Memorial that serves as a lasting reminder of the 186 Yavapai County fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. The next time you are downtown, I encourage you to look at that Memorial and take a moment to honor those names that are listed there.

Proposed Development Agreement with AED

Tomorrow, during our Council meetings, we will be considering two issues of great importance to the City of Prescott.

In 2018, we started the process of looking at the potential annexation of property in Granite Dells. This is a topic of immense interest to the residents of Prescott, and we immediately had a great deal of discussion in our community. Since then, we have been negotiating with Arizona Eco Development and other stakeholders to come up with a Development Agreement that makes sense for all. It’s taken quite a while, but we now have a prospective agreement to present publicly.

In our study session on Tuesday, June 8th, (that’s tomorrow) at 1 PM, we will have a Roll-Out meeting to reveal the proposed Development Agreement, which lays out the specific terms and conditions for the annexation and development of the residential and commercial properties.

But this is not the last time the public will have an opportunity to comment before Council votes on the matter. We have a full schedule of meetings planned before the special voting meeting which takes place on June 24th. That schedule is in the notes below.

Read more about the agreement with AED

Schedule for Meetings Related to AED Development Agreement:

  • Tuesday, June 8th, 1:00 pm – Study Session Roll-Out Meeting
  • Tuesday, June 15th, 1:00 pm – Study Session to Recieve Public Comment
  • Tuesday, June 22nd, 1:00 pm – Study Session/Statutory Public Hearing Meeting
  • Thursday, June 24th, 1:00 pm – Special Voting Meeting
  • Tuesday, June 29th, 1:00 pm – Special Voting Meeting (Tentative/IF additional time is needed after June 24th)


Submit a Comment for the upcoming Council Meeting

Study Session Meeting


The next issue of importance is the City Budget. Tomorrow we will vote on whether or not to adopt the tentative budget for Fiscal Year 2022. The final adoption vote of the FY22 budget will take place on June 22.

Both of these meetings can be watched in person, online during our Facebook Live broadcast, on Channel 64, or through Zoom.

Budget Meeting Link


The City of Prescott Teen Task Force is planning a Fashion Show. They are looking for local Teen Trendsetters from 13-17 years old to appear in the Fashion Show. They also have needs for behind-the-scenes positions. Please see the Trendscapes post on our Facebook page for more information.

Prescott Police Department Accreditation

As part of the Arizona Law Enforcement Accreditation Program process for the Prescott Police Department, the public is invited to submit comments to the Assessment Team. These comments may be submitted by telephone or email. We have a link to the Police Department Facebook page below with all the details.

YRMC & Spectrum Healthcare Checks

I was pleased to present checks to YRMC and Spectrum Healthcare to help with their expenses associated with the COVID-19 vaccination rollout. These funds were voted on at Council during the May 25th meeting and were available to healthcare providers that vaccinated at least 2000 people per week.

I want to thank YRMC and Spectrum for stepping up to the plate to help the residents of Yavapai County.

Leighnor Aircraft Ribbon Cutting

On Thursday, I attended a ribbon-cutting for Leighnor Aircraft, a company offering flight training, rental planes, and more. It is very exciting to see our Prescott Regional airport community grow!

Read more about the Leighnor Aircraft Ribbon Cutting

Bagdad Support

There are still plenty of opportunities to support our neighbors in Bagdad. One of the best ways is through the Bagdad Emergency Response Fund. 100% of all donations will help fund supplies, food, clothing, and other needs to assist the community of Bagdad. The link to the direct donation line is below, or you can text BAGDAD to 269-89.

Bagdad Emergency Response Fund

Non-Profit Highlight: United Way

That donation website was set up by the United Way of Yavapai County, partnering with the Chamber of Commerce. When the United Way was asked to help in our support efforts, they did not hesitate before they said, “Yes.”

Their mission is to unite people, organizations, and resources to improve lives and build strong communities throughout Yavapai County. It is non-profits like this that help keep our community strong.

Learn more about United Way

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