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Florida Veterans Housing Associates Inc. is non-profit organization serving Broward County's veterans residents. We aim to alleviate the sufferings of war veterans in different parts of the United States by offering innovative solutions to the several challenges faced by this unique set of people. We provide a comfortable living house for all the veterans in Broward county. Our organization is exempt from federal income tax, under internal revenue code (IRC) section 501(c)(3). [Identification No. 83-2169669].


We rely on community support and resources from businesses and organizations


Donation to the Aging and Disability Centre does make a difference, helping us to fund the many varied services we provide to Broward County Elders.


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Banks, community development, cities, businesses, dealerships, foundations is our target market that can help our organization fulfil it's mission


Since Our Organization is tax exempt we can obtain donated property houses, land, cars etc from our target market. donation to the Company is a charitable, tax deductible contribution.

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