Active 2030 Club donates nearly $700,000 to charities | Neighboors

Active 2030 Club donates nearly $700,000 to charities | Neighboors

The Scottsdale Active 2030 Club donated nearly $700,000 to 28 different charities during the past fiscal year through its various fundraisers. 

The club, comprising 50 males ages 20-40, received applications from 52 different charities seeking help. 

Though the club raised $695,000, members had to make the difficult decision to select which charities most aligned with the organization’s goals. 

“We got together as a foundation and decided the 28 charities we supported were most aligned with our organization,” Active 2030 Club Charities Chairman Braydon Dennis said. “We would have loved to have been able to give to all of them and hopefully someday we will have enough money to do so.” 

The Active 2030 Club only donates to charities that are local, children-based and have no religious affiliation. 

Some of the charities that received the largest donations of $100,000 were the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale, Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Boys Hope Girls Hope of Greater Scottsdale. 

“Over the course of the years we have created a partnership with these different charities whether it would be doing events or supporting their causes,” Dennis said. 

The Active 2030 Club hosts several events throughout the year, but there are two events that draw a larger crowd and generate the most donations. 

Its most recent event was its annual Olympiad, which featured field day style competitions like basketball, bocce, a home run derby and a day ending dodgeball tournament between the top four teams. 

This year’s Olympiad was hosted on May 14 at Scottsdale Stadium and featured two coinciding events. 

Brokers For Kids was hosted for people who work in commercial real estate to compete, and Agents Benefiting Children pitted residential real estate agents against one another. 

The event was also able to raise money by raffling off a car and a chance at $15,000 donated by Valley Toyota Dealers. 

Though the Olympiad was successful, the Active 2030 Club is anxious to build on its most successful event from last year, Niteflite.

Niteflite is a golf tournament and gala that will be hosted on November 12 and 13, respectively, with the golf being played at McCormick Ranch Golf Club.

The golf tournament was the biggest success for the club in 2020, mainly because it was the only large event it was able to host. 

“We were lucky enough that golf never got shut down in Arizona, so we took the necessary precautions to proceed with the golf tournament,” Dennis said. “Because we shifted all of our focus from gala and golf to just golf, we had our most successful golf tournament yet.” 

The club is anxious to build on last year’s success and get more donations out to charities across the valley. 

It is also excited to host the gala for the first time since 2019. 

“A lot of these charities have their mission and their goal and it’s cool for the club to see where those funds are going and we just want to support those organizations,” Dennis said. 

Dennis, along with the rest of the Active 2030 Club will need all the help they can get to top last year’s successes. 

“There’s a lot of opportunities to get involved in terms of volunteering for our events, especially with our Olympiad, we need hundreds of volunteers to assist us with refereeing, check in and coordination,” Dennis said. 

For those interested in either joining the club or are interested in having the Active 2030 Club host an event, there are applications on the club’s website for new members and new charities. 

“We are always encouraging new members to join and new people to reach out and we are trying to become one of the premier charity organizations in town,” Dennis said. 

He expects this year to be the club’s best year to date and cannot wait to get back to work on helping kids. 

“It should be a huge record-breaking year for us and we’re really excited,” he said.  

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