Austin American-Statesman Letters to the editor: July 17, 2021

Austin American-Statesman Letters to the editor: July 17, 2021

Save Austin Now should offer

a solution on homelessness

I just received an invitation to meet with Matt Mackowiak of Save Austin Now at Shoal Creek Saloon. The problem is that Save Austin does not have a solution.

Homeless individuals usually are facing the following situations: They’re veterans with PTSD. They may be on drugs. They may have mental illness. Or they may have quit taking their medications, etc.

It’s a nationwide issue. But the U.S. cut funding, resulting in communities having to do away with mental health facilities.  

Solutions are difficult. It takes neighbors; home owners associations; city, county and state government; national government; nonprofits; churches — each of us. 

Save Austin Now should work toward a solution instead of having drinks and kicking the homeless down the street.

Richard Hatfield, Austin

Democratic lawmakers have

a beef. It’s with Texas voters.

The Texas Democrats do not have an issue with the Republican legislators. Their beef is with Texas voters.

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