BEAM helps low-income seniors affected by local housing boom

BEAM helps low-income seniors affected by local housing boom

The Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry (BEAM) formalized Senior Case Management Program started in 2018, and has helped more than 147 local seniors regain independence and self-sufficiency. The program improves the lives of low-income elderly individuals in the Beaches community who have little to no family nearby. Services include grocery delivery, telephone reassurance, minor home repairs and hurricane preparedness kits.  

During the pandemic, BEAM provided additional services to this high-risk population who were reluctant to leave their homes and ordered to “shelter in place” under the mayoral executive order.  

This year brought on a new set of challenges for BEAM. As the housing market continues to soar at unprecedented levels, local seniors are being forced to leave their rental properties as new owners eye revitalization. Many of the seniors BEAM assisted have lived in their rental properties for decades, and are blindsided that they have to leave their homes with no affordable rental properties nearby.  

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