BG parklet hit by car 6 days after installation

BG parklet hit by car 6 days after installation

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WTVG) – If you were in Bowling Green this weekend, you may have seen the new parklets that were installed on Friday. But one of them has already met an untimely end.

“If this parklet weren’t here, this car would’ve ended up in the front of Kabob It,” says Jeff Dennis, Bowling Green city councilman-at-large.

It happened at 4:48 in the morning, and was caught on Bowling Green police surveillance video as well as on video from Sterling’s Amish Deli across the street.

The videos show the driver turning left onto Wooster and smashing straight into the parklet in front of Kabob It.

All three of Bowling Green’s parklets were just installed on Friday.

“It’s of course very disappointing, we’ve been working around the clock on this for several weeks now, and a lot of people have put a lot of time and effort into it,” says Dennis.

The suspected driver was located around 7 in the morning, per police report. The 65-year old male admitted to drinking earlier in the evening, but claimed he drove straight home around 10:30, and did not drive down Wooster. He could not recall anything about the parklet incident. According to the police report, the suspected driver said he left his drink unattended at the bar and believed he may have been drugged. He asked to be tested for date-rape drugs.

The driver was cited for Operating a vehicle without being in Reasonable Control and not Stopping after Accident on Public Roads of Highways.

Councilman Dennis says the barriers kept the damage minimal and about 90% of the materials were salvageable. And this is not deterring many BG residents from continuing to enjoy the two remaining parklets.

“I’d still feel safe sitting in one. It happened at like 4:30 at night, I’m usually asleep at that time, so yeah, I’d still use them,” says resident Travis Hein.

Recent Bowling Green State University graduate Alexis Deffenbaugh does have some new conditions, though.

“I think they’re super cute. I think during the the day I feel safe and feel fine, but I could see how at night, it could feel a little less safe-feeling because it could be a little darker and a little harder to see,” she says.

Although the parklet committee thought their work was done, now starts the process of rebuilding.

“Even in the last few hours, we’ve really seen the community come together again,” says Dennis.

The parklet project is now accepting donations to replace the broken parts and rebuild. You can help here.

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