Black Beauty Ranch is home to over 800 animals and is one of the largest animal sanctuaries in the country

Black Beauty Ranch is home to over 800 animals and is one of the largest animal sanctuaries in the country

Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch is an animal sanctuary located in Murchison, Texas.

The ranch is over 1,400 acres and is home to more than 800 animals within 40 different species.

“Most animal sanctuaries are specific in that they take in monkeys or they take in horses,” said Noelle Almrud, Director of Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch. “We are unique in the fact that we take in a little bit of everybody. We’re focused on three main groups. We have our horses and donkey, our equine, we have non-human primates and we have a large group of wildlife. And if you want to add a fourth group we also have a large group of factory farm animals.”

The animals that live at Black Beauty Ranch came from cruelty and neglect. So the ranch takes in the animals and provides them with the highest quality care.

“Our mission is to provide lifelong sanctuaries to animals in need,” said Almrud. “Our goal is always to provide them the most natural habitat possible.”

All of the animals have tailored and large living habitats, whether is for a donkey, bear, tiger or ape.

Black Beauty Ranch is not open to the public on a daily basis, but there are select times throughout the year you can visit the property.

“Our founder, Cleveland Amory, wrote a book called Ranch of Dreams and when he started this place he said this place would be a place where animals would be looked after and not looked at,” said Almrud. “So we are not a traditional zoo and we are not open to the public on a regular basis out of respect and dignity for the animals.”

But Almrud adds that they recognize they have an educational opportunity to educate the public so animals don’t have to keep coming to sanctuaries.

“We do offer, usually 2 to 3 times a month, a guided bus tour here on the property,” said Almrud. “People can come in, they can see the work that we’re doing, see the animals, and hopefully learn something that they’ll take away with them.

They’re constantly posting videos and updates of their residents on their Facebook page.

Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch is located at 12526 Co Rd 3806 in Murchison.

Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for their latest updates.

The ranch is a non-profit so they’re always accepting donations.

You can donate here or you can check out their Amazon wish list to purchase specific items to help the animals.

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