City, county groups seek help in addressing homelessness | State & Regional

City, county groups seek help in addressing homelessness | State & Regional

Adams said CommonBond has an individualized approach for each resident and success is finding housing stability.

Lysa Allison, executive director of Cornerstone Rescue Mission, said success varies from person to person, and said a gap left in services is an education for the public.

“Homeless people aren’t scary people,” she said. “They’re somebody’s son, daughter, mom, dad, aunt, uncle sometimes. … They really do have the same issues you and I have as far as wanting to be accepted and treated well. I would stay instead of giving them handouts when they’re standing at traffic stops … you can say go to the mission, go to the Care Campus.”

Barry Tice, director of Pennington County Health and Human Services, said success depends on the individual, just like the level of care or service someone needs.

Chief Deputy Willie Whelchel said success is in the small steps people take to achieve their greater goal.

Tice said the Care Campus is looking into the next steps of helping the aging homeless.

“I don’t think we’ve quite understood how substantial this will be over the next three to five years,” he said. “We have a growing population of elderly individuals in our community who’ve been housed, unhoused and homeless for decades. They might have an extensive criminal history, suffer from substance abuse disorders their entire lives, and you include some behavioral health needs in there and that’s a lot.”

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