Community joins together to help rebuild injured war veteran’s home

Community joins together to help rebuild injured war veteran’s home

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — Community members throughout Lane County are coming together to help rebuild a disabled veteran’s home. 

Jayson Southmayd is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, both a hero abroad and at home, and he sufferers daily with severe nerve damage, post-traumatic stress disorder and many other issues. However, one main issue is his family’s current living situation.

The Southmayds have a lot on their plate. Their house is falling apart and is unsafe to live in: the roof and floors are caving in and the walls are slowly collapsing.

During the intense snowstorm in 2019, four huge oak limbs crashed down into the Southmayds’ home in the middle of the night. The family’s home was severely damaged and their health was at risk. Help was hard to find for the family. Bad contractors left the family thinking they might end up homeless.

That is until Jason Bush, Coburg building official and inspector, stepped in.

“Jason isn’t even in our jurisdiction,” Southmayd said. “The fact that he came out here at all is something to be said in and of itself. He took one look at the place and said, ‘No this isn’t going to stand.’ It’s because of Jason and all of his contacts that did this. We laughed and said this is the house that love built.”

Bush said that he shared the Southmayd’s story and how severe Jayson’s injuries are and said it didn’t take long for people to start wanting to help rebuild their home.

“In the course of the year that I have been working on this, we’ve received about $61,000,” Southmayd said. “So we are a long way from getting it done, but I know that we will get there. What we really need is money right now to tie in the donations and the materials.”

Mark Bumgarner is vice president of franchise and engagement for Window World, a national window replacement company that donated 16 windows, a sliding door and an entry door.

“It was an easy decision for us. Anything that has to do with veterans, we’re all in,” Bumgarner said.

If you want to donate, CLICK HERE. When you hit the donate button, you will be taken to the Operation Second Chances donation page. There is a section on that page to designate where your donation goes. Make sure to choose Southmayd special project or they will not receive your donation.

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