Connect America Acquires Leading Remote Patient Monitoring Provider 100Plus | State

Connect America Acquires Leading Remote Patient Monitoring Provider 100Plus | State

Rose Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, August 24, 2021 / PRNewswire /- Connecting America LLC, a nationally recognized innovator of digital health and connected care for the elderly and vulnerable, announced today that it has signed a final agreement to acquire. 100Plus, The only remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI).

The pair of two companies integrates Connect America’s Personal Emergency Response Services (PERS) and 100Plus’ robust and proven RPM solution into one care management platform. Connect America, portfolio company DetroitBased Rockbridge Growth Equity adds complementary digital health products and technologies that enable both passive monitoring of patients at home and increased patient involvement outside the clinic.

“We can’t be more excited to add 100Plus to our extensive line of solutions to help older and vulnerable people live safely at home,” he said. Janet Dillion, CEO of Connect America. “As we continue to grow and evolve, this next-generation technology and platform, along with our talented 100Plus team, will strengthen the DNA of connected care and enrich the aging journey of older people. Expand our mission. “

The 100Plus solution enables physicians and qualified providers to remotely manage patients with chronic illnesses, actively engage to avoid episodic care, and promote higher quality of life. In addition, 100Plus provides end-to-end solutions for patient engagement, device setup, patient involvement, and automated billing.

“100Plus has been proven to create AI-powered RPM technology solutions that both patients and physicians can use seamlessly to improve the health and engagement of older patients,” he said. Ryan Howard, CEO of 100Plus. “The next evolution of 100Plus is to join Connect America, a company and team with a long history of creating successful technology programs that allow older Americans to age safely at home. I’m happy. “

The acquisition of 100Plus, the market leader in the RPM space, includes Ava, a powerful AI-assisted technology developed by 100Plus. It acts as a virtual physician assistant, enabling better care coordination and patient involvement, reducing the burden on physician staff. For non-refundable administrative work.

“As more older people show that they want to stay home, technologies such as 100Plus address the key needs of non-invasive support healthcare technology at home. 100Plus addresses such as blood pressure and A1c levels. Reviewing data across health indicators, Ava in improving health indicators, ”added Dillione.

of July 2021, Connect America, portfolio company DetroitBased in Rockbridge Growth Equity, we have completed the acquisition of the Aging and Caregiving (ACG) business. Royal Philips Includes (NYSE: PHG), Lifeline Personal Emergency Response Service and Senior Living Solutions. With the addition of Lifeline and 100Plus, Connect America subscribers will benefit from enhanced service offerings and connected care innovations.

The head office is Balassinwid, Pennsylvania, Connect America is a leading provider of digital health and connected care solutions dedicated to improving access to care, safety, independence and quality of life. Expanding our portfolio of personal emergency and medical alert services, remote patient monitoring, and dosing management solutions helps bridge the gap between individuals and their health partners and provides a more connected health experience.

Connect America and its brand family, including Lifeline Medical Alert Services, are proud to offer innovative healthcare technologies that help improve the lives of those who serve them. For over 40 years, the company and its wholly-owned subsidiaries have provided value-based solutions that address quality care, improved health, improved patient satisfaction, and reduced costs. Its mission is to ensure that all individuals, patients, and healthcare providers can take advantage of the life-saving benefits of receiving the right care at the right time. For more information, please visit:

100Plus is the fastest growing, enabling physicians to remotely manage chronic patients, avoid costly temporary care, and be actively involved in promoting higher quality of life. A remote patient monitoring platform. The 100Plus medical device is included as part of the remote patient monitoring service. This ensures that the vast majority of patients do not have to pay for it. When the patient receives the 100Plus medical device, it is fully configured and ready to use out of the box. No smartphone, app, Bluetooth, WiFi, or mobile plan required.This program can continuously reduce temporary care and improve patient care Monitoring of high-risk elderly patients..

The RPM program has shown success in improving patient outcomes and reducing the overall cost of care. Avoid visits to the emergency room When Hospital readmission.. Medicare and some private insurers also offer refunds for RPM services, allowing doctors to improve care and reduce the insurer’s overall costs while achieving significant revenue growth.

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Connect America Acquires Leading Remote Patient Monitoring Provider 100Plus | State

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