Cuomo urged to return campaign donations

Cuomo urged to return campaign donations

Democratic state Sen. Liz Krueger on Friday urged donors to former Gov. Andrew Cuomo to request a refund of their contributions and called on Cuomo himself to close his campaign account.

Cuomo’s resignation took effect Tuesday at midnight, but he continues to hold an $18 million war chest for what would have been a campaign for a fourth term.

Still, there are restrictions on what Cuomo can spend the money on. His former top aide, Melissa DeRosa, said earlier this week Cuomo will not seek election to another office next year.

“I urge all those who have donated to former Governor Cuomo’s 2022 campaign to request the return of their contributions,” Krueger said. “Satisfying the former governor’s desire for revenge is not a permitted campaign expenditure.”

Cuomo had been a prodigious fundraiser during his 10 years in office and last held a fundraising event in July a month prior to his resignation amid allegations of sexual harassment, as well as a federal investigation into his administration’s tallying of nursing home fatalities during the pandemic.

“These donors can stand with the victims of the former governor’s harassment and with the family members of those who died of COVID in nursing homes but had to wait months to learn the truth,” Krueger said.

Rich Azzopardi, a spokesman for the former governor, reiterated Cuomo is not seeking to run again. 

“As we already said, Governor Cuomo has no interest in running again, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to allow for deliberate misstatements about our administration to stand,” he said. “That being said it’s fascinating to know how much real estate we’re still taking up in people’s heads.”

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