Disabled American Veterans Chapter serving Pine Belt veterans

Disabled American Veterans Chapter serving Pine Belt veterans

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) – The Hattiesburg chapter of the Disabled American Veterans continues to serve veterans by providing assistance getting benefits and providing other resources.

“Hattiesburg is a military friendly community and city, and so to be able to identify disables veterans, they have a place to come they have a resource. We may not have all the answers right in our chapter, but we know who to go to, who to talk to, who to request help from so that DAV member, DAV veteran or their family can get assistance,” said Frederick Varnado, commander of the chapter.

The national DAV organization and its chapters work to provide professional services and advocacy and meaningful employment opportunities.

“A lot of veterans leave the military and they become homeless or they don’t have a job,” Varnado said. “So we work with the WIN Job Center and other business industries to identify what job opportunities they might have.”

Chapters also work toward improving the quality of service veterans are getting, influencing public policy, increasing membership and fundraising.

“We also provide food security. We just gave 15 individuals, it was five families that we gave $200 food vouchers, so they could survive,” Varnado said.

The overall goal of the DAV is to connect veterans to the resources they are entitled to after their service. It also creates a community for veterans.

“We’re looking at identifying veteran-owned businesses because if we identify veteran owned businesses, then we can find out how we can best take their business and then share it with others and have others to support. Whether they’re disabled or not, veterans are veterans,” Varnado said.

He looks forward to planning fundraisers and events this coming fall and connecting the veteran community.

To get in contact with Varnado and the Hattiesburg DAV office, you can call 601-596-5626.

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