Donation stations for Hurricane Ida victims

Donation stations for Hurricane Ida victims

“Here in Rockport, y’all have been through it before, you know what it takes,” organizer Terry Beauchamp said.

ROCKPORT, Texas — As Hurricane Ida slowly makes her way across the south, some folks in our area are preparing to bring much needed supplies to victims of that storm.

Terry Beauchamp is a real estate agent in Rockport who also works as a home health nurse. She has a lot of family and friends in Louisiana and is going to head to the Baton Rouge area at the end of the week with supplies and food she can gather.

Beauchamp said she was living in Louisiana when Hurricane Katrina roared through there. She knows what to expect when she gets there. She said she has already made calls to her friends and relatives asking what is needed. 

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The top of that list is generators. Tarps were also on the wish list as well as non-perishable foods, bread, batteries, clothing, chainsaw and gasoline.

Beauchamp already has another volunteer going with her to deliver goods to an animal shelter. Blankets, leashes and collars are other items they’re looking to gather up over the coming days.

“My initial thought was to take my pick up truck and a trailer and fill it up and go that way,” she said. “But, there are people here in Rockport that are reaching out and there’s a group that is Rockport Fulton Living, a Facebook group that people are taking in donations and already setting up to receive anything they can you know here in Rockport, y’all have been through it before, you know what it takes.”

Rockport residents know what’s needed after a hurricane hits. There were also many groups who cooked meals for weeks on end for those victims who struggled to get back on their feet.

Beauchamp said that if anyone out there wants to help out, they can give her a call at (225) 588-7984. 

She’s hoping that there will be a big response from our area and maybe even more trucks and trailers could join in her relief efforts.

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