Donations help Wyoming sheriff’s office acquire 2 new K-9s | News

Donations help Wyoming sheriff’s office acquire 2 new K-9s | News

GILLETTE, Wyo. (AP) — Before they were together on the streets, they were together in a barn.

Temporarily living in a two-bedroom barn loft in Alabama, Campbell County Sheriff’s Office deputies Trevor Osborn and Kyle Rhoades had the time to get close to Torc and Borys, their new K-9s-in-training that shared those same close quarters with them earlier this year.

It was there, down South, that the K-9 handling veteran, Osborn, and the newly selected handler in training, Rhoades, met their new partners.

And they have the community they serve and protect to thank, the Gillette News Record reports.

The international dogs — Borys, a Belgian Malinois hailing from Poland and Torc, a Dutch Shepherd — were paid for with donations from various businesses and individuals in the community.

Although the age of Torc is up for debate, the allegedly 20-month-old dog is clearly the more playful, and seemingly younger, of the two.

While Osborn recounted the story of how the Sheriff’s Office rounded up the $35,500 needed to pay for the two pups plus their training, Torc jumped up on his lap and ferociously scratched at his own head throughout. Borys sat calmly besides Rhoades, arms stretched out in front like the statue of an Anubis.

“There’s some speculation that maybe his passport isn’t accurate,” Osborn said of Torc. “They’re supposed to be the same age.”

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