Doug Luithly announces candidacy for Ward II seat on Loveland City Council – Loveland Reporter-Herald

Doug Luithly announces candidacy for Ward II seat on Loveland City Council – Loveland Reporter-Herald

Forty-year Loveland resident Doug Luithly has announced his candidacy for the City Council seat currently held by Kathi Wright, saying he plans to promote equity and transparency within the city if elected this fall.

Doug Luithly

Luithly was previously appointed to the council in 1994 to serve a partial term. In the years since, Luithly said he has seen the council become less collaborative and more focused on partisan politics.

“I’ve always looked at myself as being fiscally conservative but socially liberal … but I won’t come to council with an agenda per se, other than I want to represent the people in my ward,” he said.

“I would be empathetic to people, and I know we all have our journeys, and we’re all on different portions of that walk, and I’d want to be accepting to each and everyone.”

Wright has represented Ward II on the council since 2017 and has also filed paperwork with Loveland’s City Clerk to seek re-election this fall. Andrea Samson represents the city’s westernmost ward alongside Wright; her term will expire in 2023.

On the topic of equity, Luithly described a slate of social issues that he wants to see the council tackle, including homelessness, affordable housing and falling wages.

He praised the Longmont Village project in Loveland’s neighboring city, which provided tiny homes for homeless veterans, and said he believed Loveland should look into starting a similar program. Luithly said he also believed the council could be more proactive requiring developers to include affordable units in their subdivisions.

He said his home had more than doubled in value since purchasing it in 1999 and questioned whether young families are able to afford down payments in Loveland today.

“I see it as a crisis looming,” he said. “There’s going to be a lot of folks who can’t afford homes.”

Luithly also said he would be interested in raising the wages of the lowest-paid city employees as a way of ensuring “fairness,” along with making sure the option for members of the public to call in during council meetings remains in place.

On the subject of transparency, he warned that certain city departments had become “silos” and identified the Loveland Police Department in particular as an agency that needed to open up more. He said he wanted the department to release more of its training materials to the public.

When asked about the controversy sparked by the 2020 arrest of Karen Garner and the related civil rights lawsuit, he said he doesn’t believe there are a “multitude of bad officers in the department” but that he supports the investigation into why it took several months for information about the incident to become public.

“In this case, what was supposed to happen didn’t happen, and we need to get to the bottom of it,” he said.

Luithly worked most recently for 18 years as a field engineer for Underwriters Laboratories, a safety certification firm, before retiring in July 2019. He lives with his wife Debbie, and the two have two adult sons, Dylan and Alex.

Luithly was a member of the Thompson School District’s Exploratory Strategic Planning Committee, which led the implementation of the Dual Language Immersion Program, as well as the district’s Master Planning Committee.

He has volunteered with KidsPak, Loveland Youth Gardeners, Habitat for Humanity, and Foster and Adoptive Families of Larimer County.

Luithly is also a veteran, having served four years in the U.S. Air Force.

The city’s 2021 municipal election will be Nov. 2.

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