Embrace Your Health | Healing Through Harmony

Embrace Your Health | Healing Through Harmony

Written By: Luke Osteen | Issue: 2021/08 – August

Marlene Fennimore’s Healing Through Harmony, is a one-stop center for healing the body and the spirit through compassionate care and a boutique stocked with items to make life sweeter. Now she’s branching out into home health care and personalized chef services.


Marlene Fennimore

There’s an aura of tranquility and warmth that seems to emanate from Marlene Fennimore, the owner of Healing Through Harmony.

That sense of gentle compassion has made her massage studio a welcome destination for those seeking a bit of comfort from the stresses of the body and mind that accompany
21st -century life. 

It’s also at the core of her boutique, which offers high-end, custom-blended skin and body products (bath salts, sugar and salt scrubs, bath bombs, soaps, body lotion, room and linen sprays, essential oil roller blends). These items have proved so popular that she’s now offering custom gift baskets for birthdays, weddings, and special occasions. 

Her boutique also boasts one-of-a-kind, hand-knitted, hand- woven “wearable art” made of luxurious fibers including merino wool, alpaca, silk, and linen.

And now that same genuine compassion that’s given her business such vibrant life has taken her in new directions – home health care and offering her services as a personal chef. 

Her home health care service includes short term (after injury or surgery), and long-term care for the elderly.

Home health care is a service that provides older adults much-needed companionship and help with daily activities (bathing and dressing, making dinners, having conversations, making appointments, making emergency calls or inquiries, and exercising regularly, among other activities).

“With my extensive background in nutrition and dietary needs of the elderly, I want to focus on personal chef options, tailored to fit the client’s needs – whether meal planning for specific/individual dietary needs, shopping for groceries, food prep, cooking meals, or the whole bundle,” she says. “I want to work with clients individually and customize my services to fit their needs and lifestyle. Cooking meals can be one meal on a specific day, to large meals prepared and packaged to be refrigerated and/or frozen for the whole week.”

And of course, at the heart of all this, is Marlene herself.

“My passion is to inspire natural health and happiness through harmony, wholeness, and balance — to create optimal wellness from the inside out  — one client at a time.”

If you’d like to know more about Marlene and her services, visit healingbeautyharmony.com, call (828) 966-4477, or visit her at 16944 Rosman Highway, Lake Toxaway.

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