Emmet County leaders address housing approaches in meeting

Emmet County leaders address housing approaches in meeting

PETOSKEY —  Emmet County officials and leaders say it will take policy changes and collaboration to combat the housing crisis in the region.

That crisis has been the result of an economy that offers little incentive to build homes except at very high brackets, despite a need across all income levels, according to some of the speakers at an Emmet County strategic planning session on housing last week.

New home development hit an all-time low coinciding with the recession, and the housing market had barely begun to rebound when the economic impact of COVID-19 began bearing down. 

“Our economy has permanently changed as a result of the pandemic …  and we’re experiencing to some degree the ripple effects of the 2009 economic crisis,” said David Emmel, president of the Northern Lakes Economic Alliance. “Think about how long ago that was. Affordability was easy then, because credit was easy, and credit was accessible.” 

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