Evesham College encourages old car donations to help train next generation of mechanics

Evesham College encourages old car donations to help train next generation of mechanics

EVESHAM College is encouraging individuals and businesses across the region to donate old cars to help train the next generation of mechanics.

The college, which is part of WCG (formerly Warwickshire College Group), appeals annually to people to donate unwanted cars to help students on their motor vehicle course gain vital experience.

Small hatchbacks are particularly in demand to allow students to regularly practice maintenance skills and boost knowledge of mechanics.

But a range of vehicle types are also necessary to ensure students are up-to-speed with the varied challenges different vehicle types will bring when out in the workplace.

The motor vehicle department at the WCG is hoping to encourage people to consider not scrapping vehicles after failing a MOT and instead donate to support the development of skilled individuals who will soon work in garages across the region.

Donations could be from garages in the areas around each of the college sites, company cars from businesses or the general public.

Lee Kirk, Head of the Motor Vehicle Department at WCG said: “It has been more difficult for us to access a regular stream of vehicle donations over the past year due to the pandemic.

“We are now back in face-to-face learning across our college sites and it’s essential we have the vehicles available to support the development of students.

“With regular access to different types of vehicles we can build students’ knowledge base, repair skills and better prepare them for the world of work.

“Students at Evesham College would be extremely grateful for any donations from people living in the town and wider Worcestershire region.

“We hope people will think twice about scrapping a vehicle and instead contact one of our colleges to see if that vehicle could be of use.

“Every year we all turn to the support of a skilled mechanic, be that for a MOT or important repairs on a vehicle.

“By donating to our college courses, people will be supporting the growth of more skilled individuals to work in garages and businesses across the Midlands.”

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