Guam Homeless Coalition raises $8,836 during telethon

Guam Homeless Coalition raises $8,836 during telethon

The Guam Homeless Coalition held their virtual “Give Hope Telethon” on Facebook Live, Thursday. 

The virtual event featured interviews with advocates and agency representatives who discussed the different issues Guam’s homeless community faces and highlighted ways others can help. 

“The biggest area of focus that Catholic Social Services, as a member of the Guam Homeless Coalition, focuses on is creating awareness that homelessness can occur to anyone at any given time,” said Diana Calvo, executive director of Catholic Social Services.

Calvo said circumstances that lead to homelessness are often catastrophic such as a severe medical condition, becoming unemployed or losing possession of a house. 

During a panel discussion, the question of what homeless individuals asked for the most was raised. 

“They’ve lost documentation because they are such a transient population they don’t have the correct documentation to apply for other services needed such as ID’s and birth certificates,” said Mayor’s Council of Guam Vice President Robert Hoffman. 

What he has done is allow homeless individuals to store some of these critical documents in locked file cabinets in his office to prevent them from being damaged from the weather or stolen. 

Salvation Army Support Specialist Julie Santos and fellow co-workers hang a banner to attract the attention of nearby homeless community members during an outreach conducted by the Guam Homeless Coalition at the Paseo de Susana Park in Hagåtña on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. Assistance and information on public welfare, housing, shelter, and other services were offered to individuals in attendance at the event. Refreshments and goody bags were also available to guests, as well as the opportunity to receive free COVID-19 vaccinations.

Salvation Army officials mentioned that the main request is food, especially deliveries to those with a physical or mental disability. There is also a high demand for hygiene products like diapers said Salvation Army Capt. Kari Rudd. 

“Primarily if we’re speaking towards a homeless population, it’s the basics — food and shelter — but there is always the need for assistance with job security, whether it’s completing a high school diploma or a GED or just navigating that system,” said Sanctuary Incorporated of Guam Executive Director Victor Camacho.

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