Homeless population evacuated due to flood

Homeless population evacuated due to flood

Patrick Juare’s new camp at Lower Tansill Dam is surrounded by piles of trash and debris collected by Carlsbad cleaning crews — remnants of the flood waters which swept through the area south of the dam last week and destroyed the encampment he once called home.

“We have nowhere else to go,” Jaure said. Juare is without a permanent home. He was among the elderly, veterans and a pregnant woman who fled the encampment ahead of the June 29 flood.

What used to be makeshift shelters and old fire pits remained surrounded by water and one-foot-deep mud. Some residents of the encampment returned days later, to wade through the mire and scavenge for lost belongings. 

The flooding affected more than just the Lower Tansill Dam as it led to road closures throughout Eddy County.

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