How Much Is Howie Mandel Worth?

How Much Is Howie Mandel Worth?

Howie Mandel has amassed a fortune that is definitely worth bragging about. Celebrity Net Worth shares that the television personality is worth an impressive $60 million, and there’s still a whole lot of earning power left in him. According to the outlet, Mandel rakes in a lot of money as a judge on “America’s Got Talent,” earning around $70,000 per episode. That’s a whole lot of cash each season, and it’s worth mentioning that he’s been on the series since 2010. According to Foreign Policy, he also raked in $75,000 an episode on “Deal or No Deal.”

Like many other Hollywood stars, Mandel has a lot of his cash tied up in real estate. In 2018, Variety reported that Mandel nabbed a $2.6 million home in the luxurious Hollywood Hills. He knocked down the existing home and built a monstrous 10,000-square-foot home on the beautiful piece of property, which was likely an investment. He turned around and sold the house to Jalen Ramsey (via American Luxury) for a cool $9.5 million. 

Variety also shares that Mandel owns a 13,000-square-foot home in Hidden Hills that he purchased in 1999 for just $650,000. In addition, he owns a $1.53 million home in Calabasas and three condos in the same complex in Santa Monica. He also sold his lush Malibu pad in 2013 for $7 million. One thing is for sure — Mandel loves his real estate.

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