Ilana Glazer Kicks Off Endorsement Series With Tiffany Cabán

Ilana Glazer Kicks Off Endorsement Series With Tiffany Cabán

ASTORIA, QUEENS — Actor-turned-advocate Ilana Glazer kicked off a series of City Council and District Attorney endorsement videos with a candidate running for Astoria City Council.

Glazer, who co-launched the civic engagement platform, Generator, in 2016, is taking to Instagram during the final weeks before the June primaries to endorse several candidates she “loves” who are running in local elections citywide — starting on Friday with Tiffany Cabán, who is running to represent Astoria’s District 22.

“There is like legit hope in City Council,” Glazer said on Friday’s Instagram live, where she spoke about the significance of City Councilmembers and deplored the state of New York City’s mayoral race — which has become increasingly scandalladen as of late, and by Glazer’s own estimate is akin to the “Real Housewives. It’s reality TV in real time,” she said.

Focusing instead on the City Council, Glazer brought on Cabán to talk about her near-victory in the 2019 Queens District Attorney race, her platform to defund the police, and her vision for a progressive City Council.

“Local does not mean small,” Cabán said on Instagram live, pointing to the city’s large budget, which the City Council negotiates with the mayor to pass annually.

And, with 31 seats in The Council up for grabs, she said “there is an opportunity for a real paradigm shift, a real structural change,” if progressives are elected.

“Right now we have in the halls of power people who are supported by, and loyal to and accountable to, real estate interests, [and] to police union interests,” Cabán said, alluding to many electeds in the city who have been criticized for their ties to developers and the police.

Instead, she pointed to herself as someone who would represent “the most vulnerable of us” including “working class folks, Black and brown people, queer and trans and gender non-conforming and non-binary folks.”

With many eyeing Astoria as the epicenter of Queens’ — and the city’s — increasingly ascendent left, Cabán’s campaign has attracted donations and endorsements from across the city, and beyond.

She ended the Instagram live with an ask that people donate to her campaign, since one candidate’s decision to forgo public matching funds in lieu of private donations has increased the cap for public funding in the District 22 race.

“I’m so excited to get you into this city system, we need you,” concluded Glazer, who then signed off to do another endorsement video with Marti Allen-Cummings, who is running for City Council in uptown Manhattan.

You can watch the full video with Cabán here, and follow Glazer and Generator on Instagram to see more upcoming endorsement reels.

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