Iowa cat thrown from vehicle in Boone County is recovering in foster home

Iowa cat thrown from vehicle in Boone County is recovering in foster home

Thanks to the quick reaction of good Samaritans, a young female cat thrown from a moving vehicle at dusk Saturday is making a recovery.

Seeing the feline tossed from the car at highway speeds in Boone County, people traveling in the car behind stopped on the side of the road, scooped up the injured creature, and took it to the ISU College of Veterinary Medicine in Ames, the Boone Area Humane Society wrote in a Facebook post.

The humane society was contacted to take custody of the cat. BAHS Director Vanessa Heenan said she picked up the animal around 10 p.m. Saturday night after the cat was deemed stabilized, and immediately placed her in a foster home.

Believed to be about a 6-month-old tortoiseshell cat, she has a severe upper respiratory infection, an infestation of fleas, and is anemic.

“I’ve never seen as bad of a flea infestation as she had. They were swarming her face when I picked her up from ISU,” Heenan said. “Fleas do cause cats to be anemic. They suck the oxygen right out of their bloodstream. She is very sore and tender at this point.”

The cat has bruising all over her body, but does not appear to have any major internal injuries, Heenan said. However, the cat is not eating on her own, and instead is being force-fed. She is getting around-the-clock care, being snuggled with blankets and a heating pad.

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