Jacksonville neighborhood opposes Sulzbacher ‘idea’ to help homeless

Jacksonville neighborhood opposes Sulzbacher ‘idea’ to help homeless

Some of them said they had nothing against the homeless men who live at the Sulzbacher center downtown. Others called them predators.

Some of them said the destination of the center’s proposed move should be the Regency area, others suggested the Westside.

But at a Town Hall meeting Tuesday night, they all vehemently agreed: The center should not move to their neighborhood on Jacksonville’s Northwest side, where a former EPA Superfund site now owned by the city is among multiple locations being considered. Their neighborhood — in what they called an economic and food desert, where residents also have lingering concerns about whether the EPA’s 2020 cleanup removed all trace of contamination — has enough challenges already.

“I don’t think it’s fair to bring us another problem. Keep your problem downtown,” said  resident Deborah Williams.

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