Labor Day is a time to reflect | News, Sports, Jobs

Labor Day is a time to reflect | News, Sports, Jobs

To the editor:

Labor Day is a time to reflect on where we stand as members of the American labor force.

Work during a pandemic has brought the issue of workplace safety to the forefront.

Essential, front-line and public-facing workers risked the most and died in the greatest numbers while the wealthiest among us watched their portfolios expand from the comfort of their country homes.

Public services continued at great personal risk to the workers whose job it is to maintain those services.

They did this because they are responsible for the care of their community and others; sanitation, safe drinking water, infrastructure maintenance, caring for those in group homes with developmental disabilities, the elderly in a nursing home or those with mental health struggles.

“Unions brought you the weekend,” is an oft-repeated phrase but truthfully we’ve brought a whole lot more. We pushed for safety legislation and life-saving policies so every worker could safely do their job and return home to their family.

Labor unions continue the fight for workplace health and safety legislation and we’re nowhere near done fighting. Families aren’t done fighting. Pandemic or no pandemic, we face numerous challenges as we strive for equity for all workers. As a society, we must learn to value the person stocking the shelves more than the CEOs stocking their wallets.

So please enjoy your Labor Day. Give a thought to those we have lost. Give thanks for those still here and commit to the fight for better conditions for all workers.

Ron Briggs,

President, CSEA Capital Region


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