Letter: Outdated thinking won’t help Marbletown seniors | Opinion

Letter: Outdated thinking won’t help Marbletown seniors | Opinion

Dear Editor,

To build a senior housing project in Marbletown on a 51-acre habitat off dangerous Cottekill Road — the very same parcel that was investigated by the county and disqualified for building back in October 2017, citing designated federal wetlands, changes in cross slope, and bisected by Cottekill Creek — shows backward thinking in several significant ways:

• Further environmental study reveals a trout spawning stream, the school aquifer. Plus the fact that 1,200 residents signed the petition against building there — which counted mightily with the Legislature as “public outcry.” That public outcry is in full protest today.

• “Senior housing” is strictly a tactic to try to develop this land. It sounds so humane and needed. It is neither. The overwhelming dominant movement in caring for seniors is the “in-home” care, which is humanitarian — who wants to leave our home for a project in a swamp, away from all amenities? Medicare and Medicaid are providing wonderful generous plans to actually pay the relatives, friends, and neighbors of seniors to help care for the elderly.

• https://www.freedomcareny.com/getting-started-with-cdpap — a fine alternative to the outrageously more expensive building of a multimillion-dollar project on a green habitat. In the private sector, there is also a vast array of caregiver “Stay at Home” programs.

This outdated thinking would not help seniors and destroy a rare habitat.

Laura Shaine Cunningham

Stone Ridge, N.Y.

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