Letters July 25, 2021 | Letters To Editor

Letters July 25, 2021 | Letters To Editor

Opposed to House Bill 91

To the editor:

Sen. Corbin, Rep. Clampitt, I am writing to state my opposition to House Bill 91, which is currently under consideration in the Legislature. I have been a high school football official, working under the auspices of the NCHSAA since 1994, initially in Watauga County and then Haywood County after moving back home to Waynesville in 2001.

While I am aware of issues with the administration of high school athletics that concern members of the Legislature and the public, this bill goes too far. In essence this bill would burn down the house to get rid of a few mice. The timing of this is horrible with an extremely short time line of implementation, risking a total upending of the looming high school sports season. Given that we have just emerged from Covid restrictions and all the stress and anxiety that entailed; our student-athletes, our fans, our parents, our coaches, and even our officials deserve a normal season to enjoy.

Charles M. Allison


Thank you, FFA teachersTo the editor:

I would like to express my appreciation to Sherman Holt, FFA teacher at Tuscola High School. All of his planning, research and time spent on the working student farm, plus his presentation to our county board of education, will certainly be a plus for our school system.

I feel that this will keep more students in our schools longer, giving them alternatives in education plans.

This program will help the entire school system with environmental and agricultural projects. Haywood County is an agricultural county and we need to keep all our residents aware of the purpose of agriculture and teach them where our food source comes from. Food is not grown in the grocery store, but on farmland.

Thank you to all our FFA teachers in our school system — Pisgah High, Tuscola High and Central Haywood. We are so proud of what you are doing for our students and our county.

Marie Ferguson


Ruining the community

To the editor:

The Haywood Democrats are ruining the community. They greatly added to the homeless explosion by encouraging and incentivizing them to come. Lots of money from the feds was a driving factor in their decision. And here comes the crime wave.

Now that they’ve helped cause this misery they want to house them in a new shelter/home. And guess where? Hazelwood of course. The dumping ground for all social programs the Democrats want. NIMBY.

Homeless have been here a good while. Jobs are are everywhere. So why aren’t they working? If they don’t want to work now at a menial job for an average $12.50 an hour that requires no specialized skills, then where else?

Is Pigeon Street Community Center being helped/repaired? Or the old armory, which is riddled with problems? Not to say he hasn’t, but I’ve never heard of Jon Feichter raising much concern for disabled veterans with special needs like his concern for homeless addicts. I guess if a disabled veteran became a homeless addict he might get noticed.

The only concern that I can see that Haywood County Democrats have is to keep money pumping into their war chest and keeping happy the out of state people by ruining a community with the homeless so they aren’t bothered with them in their neighborhoods.

Hannah Miller


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