Memorial Day Chicago: Businesses give back to veterans

Memorial Day Chicago: Businesses give back to veterans

CHICAGO (WLS) — As we prepare to honor those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice this Memorial Day, Chicago communities are giving back to the veterans close to them.

The joy, the excitement, it’s worth far more than the cost of a new car.

You could see it in the expression on Marine Corps Veteran Ah’Monie Scanlon’s face as she walked out of the U.S. Bank branch in West Lawn.

There she was greeted with a black Honda CR-V, complete with a big red bow on top.

“Honestly I’m so humbled, I am so grateful to everybody that made this happen, thank you so much. I truly appreciate it,” Scanlon said.

Scanlon is a single mom raising her nearly two-year-old son Gabriel and was renting a car to drive for a ride share company to make ends meet.

“I get to save literally the money that I was scraping by to pay for the rental. It can now go to bills, food for me and my kid. It’s really changed so much,” she said.

The car, donated to Scanlon by U.S. Bank, Lexus of Orland, & Operation Homefront is just one way to honor a deserving veteran this weekend.

“There are so many wonderful veterans out here that need help, you know? That have done, and are still doing, amazing things for their country,” Scanlon said.

And in North Kenwood, the surprise of a lifetime for one veteran transitioning out of homelessness.

New donated furnishings for his new home where he is ready to make peach cobbler in his own oven.

“I’m astounded, I’m astounded. I’m happy,” said Marine Corps Veteran William Wade.

Wade, who served in Desert Storm, walked into his newly furnished apartment courtesy of Chicago’s Humble Designs.

“I’m blown away by the generosity of our community and the generosity of all of our volunteers that step up and help make it happen,” said Julie Dickinson, Humble Designs Executive Director.

And why the urge for peach cobbler?

“Peach cobbler because it’s just so fantastic tasting. I love peach cobbler,” Wade said.

These donations are a testament to the service and sacrifice of these veterans in need, honoring those who are still with us, while keeping the memory of those who are gone alive and well.

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