MOL Group spent $25M in Covid-prevention

MOL Group spent $25M in Covid-prevention

Since March 2020, the Central and Eastern European oil company has invested millions for the safety of its employees and clients.

By the end of the 3rd wave of the pandemic in Central and Eastern Europe, MOL Group implemented extensive preventive measures and invested more than USD 20 mn (HUF 6.1 billion) protecting employees and customers against Covid-19.

MOL have provided more than 8,000,000 masks, 14,000,000 gloves, 170,000 litres of disinfectant and nearly 300,000 tests to date for protection and offered vaccination to employees where possible. Beyond its corporate social responsibility commitments and practices, the group donated more than USD 5mn for pandemic-related healthcare support.

“MOL took immediate action to protect employees and customers while ensuring the supply security we are responsible for in many countries. But we have other kind of responsibilities as well, a company like MOL is also responsible for the socio-economic prosperity and well-being of local communities and society as a whole, sometimes taking on roles and tasks normally handled by public authorities. In a crisis, we need to act and use our resources, and extend a helping hand,” said József Molnár, CEO of MOL Group.

MOL supported the medical crisis and prevention of infections in Hungary with donations of around USD 1.5mn to many different related causes.  In the last year, 33 ventilators were provided to Hungarian hospitals and almost 80,000 litres of hand and surface sanitiser was given to various institutions. In order to support the efforts of healthcare workers, MOL’s car sharing service, LIMO, was provided as a safe way of getting to work and over 118,000 coffees were given out free of charge at MOL service stations.

INA, a Croatian subsidiary of MOL Group donated around USD 500,000 to Croatian health care providers, institutions and NGOs. To date, the company has spent in excess of USD 3.6mn in corporate disease prevention including the purchase of 3 million face masks and 1.5 million pair of gloves.

Slovnaft donated 19 mechanical ventilators worth more than USD 540,000 to Slovak hospitals. Slovnaft also began producing its own disinfectant “Slovnaft hygi Fluid” and donated 33,000 litres, worth about USD 240,000, to social institutions in need; and service station employees gave away more than 61,000 cups of Fresh Corner coffee to paramedics and medical staff.

MOL Romania, in order to support the anti-Covid efforts, provided USD 1.3mn in financial support by donating medical equipment to Romanian hospitals.

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