Mruk Family Education Center on Aging hosts discussing on aging in place

Mruk Family Education Center on Aging hosts discussing on aging in place

The Mruk Family Education Center on Aging hosted an “Age in Place” discussion for Mountain Home residents seeking to find solutions to allow them to live in their homes for longer as they age.  

The discussion was hosted by Jessica Brown, a physical therapist at Baxter Regional Bone and Joint Clinic. 

“We like to make sure we’re providing topics that help to empower seniors to be independent, active and healthy,” said Diahanne VanGulick, coordinator for Mruk Family Education Center on Aging. 

Brown said 90% of all adults want to live in their homes as they grow older, with roughly one-third of all homes in the U.S. belonging to people aged 65 years or older.  

Of those living at home, 18% live with a disability, while 32% have trouble walking.  

“I’m from Mountain Home. I’m a local,” Brown said. “I love our population that we have here in Mountain Home. Sixty-Five percent of the population are 65 and older. So, that is a stat from my friend that has a radio station. She knows those stats.” 

Dr. Jessica Brown hosted a discussion on aging in place at the Mruck Family Education Center on Aging Tuesday afternoon. Her discussion focused on giving those 65 and older advice on how to remain in their homes without assistance for longer.

Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rate falling as the leading cause of injury-related deaths among the elderly. 

Brown said the average cost of a trip to the emergency room in 2009 for a fall was $17,000, costing hospitals around the country roughly $2.2 million per year.  

“If you put a frog in warm water and you heat it to a boil, he’s going to hang out and stay there because he’s not going to realize that’s detrimental to him,” Brown said. “That happens to us as we age. We buy a house, maybe that we love and we’re happy there, but over time that house or your yard becomes not a safe place for you to be anymore.” 

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