Nevada Real Estate Executives Supporting Artist With Tequila Fundraiser

Nevada Real Estate Executives Supporting Artist With Tequila Fundraiser

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Three local real estate executives will host a tasty and artful fundraiser Saturday, July 24 to support an artist whose plan to establish a gallery in Las Vegas was thwarted by COVID-19.

Hugo Aguilar

Hugo Aguilar, an artist based out of San Jose, Cabo San Lucas, is a Mexican delegate who intended to establish his U.S gallery in the Holsum Lofts in Downtown Las Vegas and immerse himself in the Las Vegas art scene. However, he contracted COVID-19 and is now on life support. His life savings have been depleted and his parents have sold personal real estate to help with medical costs.

Las Vegas resident Reynaldo Herrera Jr. is Aguilar’s business partner. So the Residential Bancorp branch manager is partnering with Noah Herrera, managing partner of Platinum Acquisition Capital Fund, and Johnny Richardson, CEO of The Richardson Group, in this Saturday’s Tequila Talks with Cause to benefit Aguilar.

The event, held from 7:30-9:30 p.m. at 231 W. Charleston Blvd., Suite 120, will feature an art show, tacos, tequila and a live painting for a $100 entry donation.

Donations to a GoFundMe account for Aguilar, which has raised just over $9,000, will also be accepted:

“Our goal is to sell Hugo’s art and raise awareness of this GoFundMe account,” Herrera Jr. said. “Please support Hugo and his family in this difficult time.”

To see Aguilar’s art, visit

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