New research reveals challenges facing older people during a pandemic

New research reveals challenges facing older people during a pandemic

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A new report released today by the University of Manchester Institute for Aging Research (MICRA) reveals the challenges faced by people over the age of 50, especially those living in poorer areas, during the coronavirus pandemic.

Funded by the Manchester City Council, the Aging Better Center, and the National Lottery Community Fund’s Aging Better Program, this study learns about the impact of pandemics on the daily lives of older people and investigates the activities of community organizations working on them. aims for. On behalf of and to support local governments and NGOs working with them.

Many of the interviewees talked about the challenges and difficulties they experienced during the blockade. Physical deterioration was reported, especially as a result of restricted and lack of exercise. mental health In some cases, it was exacerbated by the loss of relatives, lack of contact with friends and family, the effects of shields, and lack of access to meeting places.

Social isolation has increased in some groups, such as single men living alone and women in South Asia who have increased responsibility for home care but have less support as a result of social distance.Digital exclusion was a factor in the increase Social isolation For many of the interviewees.

Studies show that older people can help other people during a pandemic, and by deepening friendships, volunteering, adapting to digital technology, and using lifelong interests and activities in the community. Worked within. Access the green spaces of the community and harness their religious beliefs and beliefs.

Organizations across Manchester have played a key role in developing new forms of support for the elderly in pandemics, including welfare support, food distribution, IT support, telephone friendship, bereavement counseling, mental health and welfare support. ..

This report underscores the importance of developing a “community-centric” approach in the COVID-19 recovery plan. An important part of this is ensuring that the views of older people are at the center. Pandemics have exposed and exacerbated long-standing inequality affecting ethnic minority groups across GM, which needs to be incorporated into systematic discrimination efforts affecting different groups in society. there is.

Working in the neighborhood is especially important given the potential for ongoing unequal immunization levels between different social and ethnic groups. This can cause local epidemics among communities at highest risk of serious illness and death and increase the inequality exposed during the first and subsequent waves of the pandemic.

The survey found significant changes in older people, especially with regard to adaptation to life after the blockade. These and other aspects need to be incorporated into new approaches and methods for developing post-pandemic GM age-friendly areas.

“In our survey, Pandemic, And a set of recommendations for policy makers and practitioners throughout the Manchester region. It is imperative to strengthen the community organization that has a COVID-19 response. Despite many successes, additional funding efforts may be required to survive or meet the various needs that may emerge later. Professor Chris Phillipson, the lead author of the University of Manchester report, said.

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