New Topeka senior living facility Providence Home Plus offers care

New Topeka senior living facility Providence Home Plus offers care

A new senior-living facility in Topeka is expanding the care options available for the area’s aging individuals.

Providence Homes Plus, which opened this year at 1920 S.W. 32nd St., is a veteran-owned, physician-owned senior-living facility that provides an alternative to the larger, traditional nursing homes people may turn to when looking for care for their loved ones.

“Home plus is the idea that someone needs to be in a nursing home. They need that care. They need that attention. But they don’t necessarily want to be in a giant facility,” said Casey Peavler, one of four co-owners. “They want to be in a more home-like setting. That’s how we ended up creating this place.”

Peavler and his family bought the southwest-Topeka house now home to Providence Homes Plus in 2020 and did some remodeling before standing it up earlier this year. But the idea for such a facility has been a few years in the making.

Peavler, who has a medical degree, said he saw a need for such facilities while completing his residency in Florida, which has one of the highest percentages of people age 65 and older, compared to other states.

“I just saw a huge need, even as a resident, for help with elders,” he said.

Home-plus model on the rise

As the Peavlers remodeled the house that's now home to Providence Homes Plus, they had to rework some areas, including the bathrooms, to ensure they were appropriate for the home's senior residents.

The idea to open a care facility really began to hit home when Peavler and his family had to place his grandfather in a senior-living facility. Through that process, they became more familiar with the home-plus model.

“He thrived in it,” Mike Peavler, Casey’s father, said of his father-in-law’s time under home-plus care. “They do better in these atmospheres, the smaller atmospheres — less commotion, less noise, less people. But they also have other peers to talk to and to visit with.”

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