Non-profit partners with local VA to provide housing for homeless veterans

Non-profit partners with local VA to provide housing for homeless veterans

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – A non-profit organization is partnering with the Waco VA to provide new housing to homeless and disabled veterans.

Solutions for Veterans Inc. has been helping provide housing to the VA across the country for the last few decades. Now, they’re bringing a roughly $7 million project to Waco, restoring three buildings on Waco’s VA campus and building a new one.

“I swore to myself that if I could ever do anything to make a difference for those guys, I would,” said Executive Director Craig Taylor.

“It takes these properties and makes them available to the homeless vets. Secondly, it takes these properties off the budget for the local VA, so they don’t have to maintain them anymore and it preserves historical buildings.”

Through private contractors, the project will provide housing for 34 veterans. All of which include a community area, counseling center, fitness areas and other inclusive amenities, all close by to the VA’s medical facilities.

While the final layout of construction and budget is yet to be determined, Taylor says he’ll stop at nothing to provide help for the veterans with nowhere left to go.

“I just turned 70,” he said.

“I should’ve retired, but I’m gonna continue to do this. I feel like my entire professional career has been built up to build this housing for veterans. So, this is what I want to do with my life now and it means the world to me.”

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