Patterson Block has a nearly 150-year history

Patterson Block has a nearly 150-year history

I was delighted to see Pink Leaf hosting a Patterson Block open house during August’s First Thursday. Pink Leaf, if you’re unfamiliar, is a nonprofit dedicated to breaking poverty cycles with educational programs. The company’s owner and founder, Kimberly Howe Ferguson, purchased the Patterson Building this past spring to house Pink Leaf’s operations and to offer Munsonians a commercial kitchen.

The ground on which her new building now stands was once Myaamiaki (Miami) and Lenape (Delaware) land. It also sits a half block south of the Hackley Reserve. This was land granted to Rebekah (Pemesahquah) Hackley in the Myaamiaki’s treaty with the United States in 1818. Hackley, the granddaughter of Chief Mihšihkinaahkwa (Little Turtle), sold the reserve to the squatter Goldsmith Gilbert in 1826.

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