Readers offer help to free car ministry to break cycle of poverty

Readers offer help to free car ministry to break cycle of poverty

Community members are helping lift up a West Akron man whose ministry is to help provide free cars to help others break the cycle of poverty. 

Harvey Bryant Sr.,one of the winners in the Health Disparities Project, has been quietly fixing and giving away cars to friends and strangers as part of his Miracles on Wheels ministry. His ministry was featured in a May 23 column. 

Betty Lin-Fisher: Miracles on Wheels gives away cars to break cycle of poverty, disparity

Bryant was inspired when he saw a young mother struggling to get on a bus with two small children. He thought about the barriers and extra struggles she had, which could be eased with a reliable car. 

But Bryant, a former city of Akron sewer maintenance worker and Akron police department reserve officer who now works as a security guard, is not a trained mechanic. He uses YouTube to learn what he doesn’t know and works on cars for months at a time trying to get them up and running. Sometimes, he’ll take a car that he can’t fix and sell it for scrap metal to use the money to buy another car to fix up and give away. 

Harvey Bryant, right, founder of Miracle on Wheels, and Bill Harrison, owner of KB Automotive Technologies, look over a possible vehicle for Bryant's program Thursday.

He and his wife, Michelle, were mostly funding their ministry, with the help of some family and friends. But Bryant said while he had big ideas for his ministry, he didn’t have the skills to create a nonprofit and register for 501(c)3 status, which could open up his ministry to grants. 

Bryant said his ministry could grow bigger and help more people if others with the skill sets he didn’t have, including mechanics, could offer their assistance. He was also looking for a place to store the various cars he has that have been donated and are awaiting repair. 

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