Toddler, elderly woman in home with barricaded gunman: Lower Paxton police

Toddler, elderly woman in home with barricaded gunman: Lower Paxton police

Police say a toddler and elderly woman are still inside with a gunman at a Lower Paxton Township home Monday night, nearly 10 hours after he shot another woman.

According to police, a 25-year-old woman was shot in the head earlier in the afternoon and is at the hospital for emergency care.

A 2-year-old and an elderly woman have been inside all day, police said.

As of 10 p.m., police said the situation was ongoing, with first responders working to reach a “peaceful resolution” with the gunman.

Some of the neighboring buildings and apartments were evacuated Monday, but residents of the far west end of the complex were being allowed to enter and exit their premises.

The gunman, who has not been identified by police, did multiple Facebook Lives around 12:10 p.m.

In the clips, which have been viewed more than 10,000 times, he is sweaty and repeatedly says he shot the mother of his child. He also said her mother was disrespecting him, and that he would not go back to jail.

In all, he repeats that he shot the woman five times. He also said he wanted to kill her mom, and that the older woman disrespected him, adding “she’s next.”

He can also be seen rolling something in brown paper and smoking it throughout the clip. One of the clips was about 5 minutes long, another just over a minute.

The situation amounted to a massive law enforcement response, including the state police Special Emergency Response Team that brought in multiple armored tactical vehicles.

Authorities gave no time frame for how long the standoff may continue into the night.

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