Trail system in west Amarillo being improved, already open to the public

Trail system in west Amarillo being improved, already open to the public

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – A trail system in west Amarillo is being improved to make it easier for the public to access and enjoy.

The trail is most commonly known as Hobo Hills which is located across the street, North of Medi Park, and is now called 9th Street Trails.

It’s a city owned property that people have been hiking and biking for years.

Now Six Pack Outdoors is updating, maintaining, repairing and adding another mile of trail to create a total of five miles.

“We’re in a little Canyon. We’re along west Amarillo creek. There’s just about always water running along the creek and there’s big beautiful cottonwood trees from one end of the property to the other. The trails are a little more technically challenging than say the trails that we’re building and maintaining out at Rick Klein. So, these aren’t exactly beginner trails, but it is a great hike for anyone,” said said Chris Podzemny, community health ambassador for the Fairly Foundation and a director at Six Pack Outdoor.

The trail is open to the public but there are other features that will soon be added like a parking lot which will make the trail more accessible, plus they will add signage and trail maps throughout the property.

“We applied for a TPWD, a Texas Parks and Wildlife grant which is for off road trails up to $200,000, an 80-20 match. We we’re awarded that grant in May and we are going through the process of all the different checks, archaeological studies, things they need to do on the property before we can move forward, but we have that ability to move forward with that grant now,” said David Wilson, assistant director of Amarillo Parks and Recreation.

They expect to have everything completed by this coming spring.

“We started doing our master plan and kind of all the stars aligned and we knew trails were really important to this community. So, that’s kind of out step to make this an official area for our community that they really already created,” said Wilson.

Another trail system in Amarillo the organization has been working on is the Rick Klein Trail in northeast Amarillo.

“On the Rick Klein trails, we’ve already completed about 13 miles of trails there. We’re going to add an additional two or three miles to the trail system. We’re currently in the process of getting maps and trail head signage designed and submitted for art work. We’re also working on a proposal to convert the old tornado alley BMX track into a punk track/skills park,” said Podzemny.

That trail is expected to be completed by later this fall and it is also open to the public.

For updates on projects visit their Facebook page.

Funding for this project comes through several donations from businesses, organizations and individuals in the area. Here is the link to donate.

You can email for details about trail work days as well for donations.

You can also click here for information about cross country mountain biking in the Texas Panhandle.

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