Variety of ways for seniors to enjoy summer fun | Senior Living

Variety of ways for seniors to enjoy summer fun | Senior Living

As we reach the peak of summer, there is no shortage of activities for all groups of people in Northeast Ohio. For elderly individuals, there are multiple communities that provide summer fun of all kinds.

Kelly Jo Hinrichs, vice president of marketing for Resort Lifestyle Communities, and Kelly Rose-Stallard, director of business development and marketing at Danbury Senior Living in Broadview Heights, said they have an entire summer planned with activities for residents.

Rose-Stallard said their North Ridgeville community had a car show three weekends ago with over 40 cars to help kick off the summer. The location has also offered a boat ride, picnic and other outdoor adventures.

“We are happy to be able to plan events and entertainment again,” she said. “We are starting to regain visitation for families and outings. We’re still practicing those safe precautions and measures.”

Resort Lifestyle Communities supports 42 communities, including Hudson Meadows in Hudson. Hinrichs said those activities invoke feelings of camaraderie and companionship, which is what she said living in a senior community is about.

“A lot of times, (residents transition to longterm care facilities) when living alone turns to loneliness. Residents just need that continued companionship and camaraderie. … At Hudson Meadows, pretty much every resident comes to every event. They’re very social, love to have a great time, and they’re making new friends.”

On July 14, Hudson Meadows is doing an event called ‘Keep Your Sense of Humor as You Age.’ A presenter will come into the community from a home care provider to talk about happiness, humor and healing in the aging process.

In preparation for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, it is also doing a happy hour around the Olympic trials on July 27. There will be time trials for activities such as speed walking.

Danbury began live entertainment, which is running throughout the summer. This includes performers such as pianists and acoustic guitarists.

On top of the on-site events, each of Danbury’s communities also has a bus. These buses will take residents through their city, to Amish country, or to Cleveland to take scenic drives to areas they may have lived in growing up.

Rose-Stallard said these drives through old neighborhoods have an amazing effect on their residents because it’s like “taking a walk down memory lane.”

“The best thing about those scenic drives is that lots of stories come out,” she said. “… When they take those drives and they start reminiscing, it becomes a very engaging conversation of others’ experiences as well.”

Each month, Hudson Meadows does an event called “Armchair Travel.” In August, the community is giving residents a “Greek” experience by offering Greek food, as well as photos and slide shows of Greece.

Hinrichs said many residents have traveled to some of these locations, so it offers them an opportunity to share their life experiences with themselves and others.

“Those trips down memory lane are also very healthy,” Hinrichs said. “They may make a new friend, or someone else may be interested in one of those topics. … But also some residents aren’t able to travel, so it allows them to just have a glimpse, have some fun, take a break and relax.”

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