Veterans creates cabin from popsicle sticks | Local News

Veterans creates cabin from popsicle sticks | Local News

DANVILLE — Cannon Place on the VA footprint in Danville was built to provide a safe and secure housing option to homeless veterans. Recently one of their residents decided to do a little building of his own, constructing this log cabin in his own living room.

Clyde Smith has been a resident of Cannon Place since 2017. After completing a jigsaw puzzle to pass the time as many things slowed down or closed for Covid safety he decided to use his years of experience in building and started to build a base around the puzzle. He gathered Popsicle sticks and even came to find a favorite type of Popsicle to eat just for the stick.

Twigs and tree bark were found from areas around the VA and fused together with Elmer’s glue as his project took off. Clyde has taken part in the construction of over 21 homes in his years as a builder, so it made sense to him to build traditional trusses as his cabin took shape.

During the approximate 9 months that he worked on his creation he often could only work in 15–20-minute segments to allow pieces to dry. The resulting structure is amazingly strong and a peek inside one of the windows and you will see the jigsaw puzzle floor that started it all.

Last fall Clyde started sharing his progress with new Property Manager Terry LaBounty. Terry was amazed to see what his resident was making all from scratch. Once he completed the project Terry asked him what he planned to do with it.

Clyde expressed a hope that someone would like to take it for display and that he most hoped it could somehow help Cannon Place kickstart some donations for items that he felt would be very much appreciated by himself and the other veterans that live here.

His Wish List items were few but did include a nice charcoal grill and a few umbrellas for the outdoor patio tables.

When asked if there was anything he personally would like he said only better lighting for his living room as he plans his next build to start immediately. It will be a two-story home and we have no doubt it will be built to be strong, stable and unique just like our Cannon Place community.

To learn more about Clyde’s Cabins or how to make a donation to Cannon Place please contact Outreach Service Coordinator Melissa Taylor at 217-703-1583 or

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